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GDPR Declaration

I agree with the company "EDMARK INTERNATIONAL BG" EOOD, REG. NO. 203748652, address of registration and correspondence Sofia 1220, Bul. Lomsko Shosse 136, to store and process my personal data, in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act, which I provide in connection with my registration as a distributor in (EDMARK) EDMARK, Malaysia.


I am familiar with: the purpose and means of processing my personal data; the voluntary nature of the data provision; the right to access and correct the collected data.


With this declaration, I declare that I have personally provided my personal data (names, telephone, address, identity card data, e-mail) to this company and I give my consent for them to be stored and processed by the company. I also consent to the transfer of my personal data by the processing company within the scope of the purpose(s) stated here to processors of personal data in countries outside the European Union - (EDMARK) EDMARK, Malaysia.


I am aware that the information is necessary for my registration and servicing of my distributor status, complying with the requirements of the European Union and local legislation. I have the right at any time to request an update of my personal data, information about their use, as well as to withdraw the consent provided in this declaration and to request the deletion of my personal data.


I am informed that I bear criminal liability for providing false data.