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As we have changed our website platform, you will be required to register.

Please excuse us for any inconvinient. We hope that you will find that this platform is more efficient and pleasant to work with.

Comme nous avons modifié notre plateforme Web, vous devrez vous inscrire. Veuillez nous excuser pour tout inconvénient. Nous espérons que vous constaterez que cette plateforme est plus efficace et plus agréable à utiliser.





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How to become an EDMARK distributor?


In order to be able to register as an Edmark distributor, you need a sponsor. If you don't have one, a sponsor will be assigned to you, taking into account the area in which you live.

If you wish to register as an EDMARK distributor without assistance from your sponsor, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. You have your sponsor's "EDA" number;
  2. You register on the Edmark Bulgaria website with your sponsor's number, after which you will be able to choose a registration package to join the team.
  3. After choosing a package, you can fill out the registration form in two ways:
  • one is to download the form, fill it and upload it to the page of the registration package you have chosen
  • the other is to complete the online registration form as a distributor and send it to us (The form is located below the detailed description of the package).

     4. Once you have completed the registration form, proceed to purchase the package you wish to register with.




How to order as a customer without becoming distributor?


If you wish to remain a user without additional privileges, you may put in an order by mail and we will forward your order to our representative. If you find yourself in need of advice, you can get into contact with our representatives who will make sure you are well taken care of.




How to fill the PDF  registration form?



Download the form and open it.

In the upper left corner you will see the option "fill and sign" Click on the squares where you will fill in and start entering the necessary data.

Once finished, you can also sign it electronically using the PDF option.

Save the file by naming it - Your three names and attach it to the designated location on the registration package page.

After that, you can proceed with the purchase of the relevant package.