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Edmark Story

Edmark Group of Companies is a multi-million dollar company with market presence in over 30 countries and is involved in various business interests from manufacturing, exporting, distribution, and real estate development. EDMARK started as Ever Dynamic Marketing in 1984. It is from this name that the word EDMARK was conceived, with the letter “D” in the colour red to represent its “perpetual dynamism.”
The company was initially involved in marketing other manufacturer’s products through live demonstration at counters in Malaysia, as well as in exhibits in other parts of the world.

It was through the vision of its Founder and Chairman – Mr. Sam Low Ban Chai that Edmark became one of the world’s successful brands and a company known for synergizing dynamic business principles with spiritual foundations.


Inspired by the people’s spirit of entrepreneurship and the ability to create wealth, Sam brings a powerful multi-level marketing business model with EDMARK’s innovative health and household products to the world. The opportunity to realize one’s financial freedom and impact the lives of others is within grasp. Through enlightenment and education in the EDMARK Education System, success can be duplicated across all continents, communities, and cultures.


Supported by its own manufacturing and production arm – EDMARK INDUSTRIES which operates its manufacturing plant in the state of Selangor within Malaysia.


EDMARK has invested over USD30 million for the construction and relocation to a brand new factory since the year 2010. 


This new facility now stands on a 4.5-acre land with a total built-up area of 145,000 square feet. To cater to its upsurge of demand of EDMARK products worldwide, the factory has been upgraded with state-of-the-art equipment, industrial robots and energy saving features. 


As of 2015, the built-up area has been expanded to over 250,000 square feet and the factory has been installed with fully automated machines to speed up the manufacturing process to meet the escalating demand.


Today, EDMARK continues to focus on our on-going developments to ever improve and better ourselves. EDMARK has grown by leaps and bounds and will only continue to do so, making an impact in and changing the lives of others for the better.


This is the EDMARK way, a journey that we welcome others to partake it, and we do so with open arms as we continue to grow and succeed together with Gratitude, Abundance, Love, and Compassion.