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  • Weight:
    4.000 Kgs

Over the years we have found that one of the best ways to lose weight is to detox your body, consume fewer calories, have a proper nutritional diet and exercise.

The Edmark weight loss program is a 4 step holistic approach to losing weight in a natural and healthy way with no side effects.

The Edmark Slimming Kit consist of 1 Box of Shakeoff, 2 Boxes of Meal Replacement Therapy(either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavour), 1 Bottle of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll, 1 Box of Ginseng Coffee, 1 Box of Red Yeast Coffee, Shaker Cup and Relevant Literature.


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MRT flavour:

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How it works:


Step 1: Detoxify with Shake off

Step 2: Burn fat with MRT complex

Step 3: Balance with Splina liquid chlorophyll

Step 4: Rejovenate with Ginseng and Red yeast coffees